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Mon, 19 Feb 2018 14:19:31 +0000
Molly McMillin reports in The Weekly of Business Aviation: Forecast International says it expects annual business jet production to increase from 647 aircraft in 2017 to 799 in 2020

Production is projected to slightly decline in 2021 and 2022 due to cyclical economic factors and quickly rebound in 2023Annual output is then expected to […]
Mon, 19 Feb 2018 14:09:56 +0000
The G650 was announced in 2008 and customer deliveries started 4th Quarter 2012

The aircraft had an initial cost new of $59.5M subject to CPI which brought the total to ~$65MAs of September 2016 s/n 6205 entered service bringing the total in-service to 206Published list price for a new G650 / 650ER today […]
Mon, 19 Feb 2018 00:00:56 +0000
Niche Markets Of the aircraft in the ~5000 nm mission, 3-zone cabin category (legacy Gulfstream G500, Global 5000, Falcon 7X), YOY inventory is on the rise, transactions remain flat and values continue to decline

When the 5000 and 500 entered service in 2002 and ’03 respectively, they were intended to fit a niche between the […]

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AircraftPost is an aviation consulting group and web-based media company providing fact-based insight and analysis into strategic planning and business jet values. By providing ‘real time’ fleet statistics, market data and transactions, AircraftPost enables better informed decisions to owners, operators, brokers, OEMS and lenders. With fleet data and detailed market data for over 10,000 business jets, AircraftPost is ideal for those who demand accurate, real time business jet intelligence. The company has offices in New York and Colorado.

Dennis Rousseau is our founder and President. Dennis has 40 years in business aviation and was an early innovator of using helicopters for newsgathering and offshore EMS. Since 1989, Dennis’ passion and specialty is mark-to-market valuations, acquisitions and strategic planning for current generation business jets.

Jo-Anne Arruda is our Vice President of Administration, joined AircraftPost in 2007 with infectious enthusiasm and passion for the industry and heads up our NY office. Jo-Anne has applied her professionalism and administrative experience from her 14 years with Kraft in Boston.


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